Developing cell based therapeutic products.



Cure Disease Like Never Before


DEACT Platform:

DEACT technology ensures stable supply of stem cell derived immune cells, synergistic actions among immune cells; ability to overcome immune evasion and immunosuppression of cancer cells.


Sleeping Beauty Platform :

The first clinical tested non-viral gene transfer technology will cut the production time from weeks to a couple of days; It is uniquely suitable for generating combinatory products targeting multiple cancer antigens such as cancer neoantigens.


HiSAFE Platform:

Through uniquely designed hinge and intracellular domains, HiSAFE technology improves the safety of CAR T cells and enhances the function of these cells by negating the immune suppression property of cell surface receptor. 


Exosome Engineering Platform:

Genetically Engineered exosomes capable of large scale production and delivery of various payloads.  


Program: ARM001  

SB-CAR for blood malignancies   

Stage- Preclinical/IND.



Retro/Lenti-TCR for solid tumors  

Stage- Preclinical.



Retro-TCR for blood malignancies

Stage- Preclinical.



Retro-COMBO for solid tumors  

Stage- Preclinical.



Oncolytic virus with controllable cytokines for solid tumor   Stage- Preclinical/IND.



Undisclosed Programs  

Stage-  Vary.