Developing cell based therapeutic products.



Cure Disease Like Never Before

At TriArm, we are conducting rigorous studies to develop smarter, cheaper, safer and more effective T cell immunotherapies for both blood cancers and solid tumors; The engineered T cells will be produced with a clinically tested, innovated non-viral system which cuts preparation time and production costs. These cells express specially designed cancer -targeting molecules by incorporating proprietary technologies so they have less side effects but are more powerful in fighting cancers.



Million years evolution has shaped human immune system with unique features ideal for fighting enemies like cancers. Immune system is usually specific for “foreign” invaders, adaptable to changing environment and with lasting memory to fight re-intrusion. By imitating immune cell functions or even purposefully engineering the immune cells, Scientists are creating numerous breakthroughs in cancer treatment through revolutionary cell immunotherapy products, e.g., T cells expressing chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T cells).